"I recommend Attorney Georgenes without hesitation. She is exceedingly professional, exceptionally organized, and she has a huge heart. She understands that you are going through a very difficult time and she not only advises you legally, but she also provides emotional support. She’s an honest, caring, and highly knowledgeable and efficient person/ lawyer and I would highly recommend her!! Attorney Georgenes was my Estate Planning Attorney, helping me to write my will at a particularly difficult time in my life. She is professional, highly organized, and a warm human being as well. She understood that I was going through a very emotional time and she not only advised me legally, but also provided emotional support. She's an honest, caring, and very knowledgeable attorney and I highly recommend her if you have estate and/or family law needs."


"She handled my divorce case and I could not ask for a better attorney. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. She knows exactly what she is doing and offers emotional support as well. She understands it is a trying time. She went above and beyond what I expected to get from a divorce attorney. I would highly recommend her as you will not be disappointed. She is also very reasonably priced."    

-Renee S.  

“I have just started working with attorney Deanna on my divorce. I hired her after speaking with two other law offices. I liked the fact that she responded to me with actual rates and straightforwardly educated me about the process. During our first meeting she gave me as much time as I needed, without checking the watch. I am convinced that with her help, I will be able to go throughout my divorce with less bitter experience.”     

-Halina K.

“Deanna is an outstanding attorney.  When I needed her services, she came through going above and beyond my expectations.  She handled my case with compassion, efficiency and great negotiating skills!  I would not hesitate to refer any family member or friend to her. Highly recommended!”     

- T.M.

“Deanna’s knowledge of the law allowed her to navigate the legal system in an exceptional manner. She was truly professional every step of the way. She really cares about her clients and promptly returned my calls and e-mails. I highly recommend her. She’s a true credit to her profession.”  

-David B.

"I greatly appreciated a chance to work with this lawyer.  I was in an unwanted divorce due to a big misunderstanding with my wife. My wife’s “warrior” attorney pushed me to hire a lawyer. (Be advised my wife’s attorney contradicted himself after by telling my wife I didn’t have to hire a lawyer when she sought his legal counsel further. That was absolutely not good and that made my wife think I wanted to challenge her marital power when hiring a lawyer as her attorney pushed). When trying to find an attorney, I looked up through the internet and I found this lawyer. I decided to hire her after reading the prior client’s review. Through the private meeting and the provided legal forms that I was asked to fill out, I greatly appreciate the professionalism from this attorney, for example, non-judgmental. Against the other attorney’s aggressive manner, she moved the divorce procedures cautiously and safely to give us a last chance to discuss our issue and to reconcile our differences if possible in a peaceful and civil manner. While keeping the communication line open with my wife for a possible reconciliation, I learned from my wife that her attorney wanted to expedite the divorce. That was a horrible thing to counter when a spousal was in a fragile moment of marriage if the divorce was not mutually agreed by both spouses. Thanks to this Attorney’s cautious move, I had a chance to call up the needed support to save our marriage."

"I highly recommend this lawyer for her ethical and professional performance."              

-Peter D.

“I would highly recommend Attorney Georgenes to family and friends who would require professional legal services. I have health issues and I was worried about what would happen if I ever became incapacitated. I wanted to protect what assets I have in case I ever had to go to a nursing home. Thanks to my attorney, I have peace of mind now. I was very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. She took the time to listen carefully about my estate planning needs."     

Martha W.

“I recently had my estate plan prepared by Attorney Georgenes. She took the time to answer all of my questions.  Since she exceeded my expectations, I expect to have a life long relationship with her firm.”

“Thank you for everything! You are an exceptional attorney who goes above and beyond!"       

-Shirley O.

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